Best Chew Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

Best Chew Toys for German Shepherd Puppies

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For German Shepherd puppies, chewing is one of the most important habits it needs to develop. Chewing is natural and necessary for dogs. It helps them to feel comfortable while exploring their surroundings and release their pent-up energy. Chewing can also help German Shepherd puppies to relieve their anxiety.

However, it can also be a cause of destructive behavior if not managed correctly. That is why we have compiled this list of 15 best chew toys you can buy for German shepherd puppies. However, if you are on a budget, you can also check out four DIY chew toy ideas we have for your pup. These chews help alleviate negative feelings, keep them busy, and satisfy their natural urge to chew.

Keep on reading if you want learn what to look for (and stay away from) when toy shopping for your pup. Let’s dive in!

Our Top 3 Picks – Best Chew Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

#1 Goughnuts Durable Rubber Dog Chew Toy Ring – Lifetime Replacement Guarantee – for Aggressive Power Chewers

Why do we like it? 

Made from Astronaut-grade rubber, the Goughnuts chew ring is the toughest chew toy on the market, guaranteed: lifetime warranty.


  • Made from NASA-level materials
  • Reinforced natural rubber is designed by engineers that make rubber for spaceships and aircraft.
  • Choice of sizes for every type of dog jaw and chewing intensity
  • Veterinarian recommended.

#2 Bark Box – Super Chewer

Why do we like it? 

The Super Chewer from barkbox is no joke. A lot of dog owners have experienced this game-changer and are since addicted.

100% Happy Guarantee

If a toy isn’t tough enough, they’ll replace it, 100% free of charge. No proof needed. No time limits. No questions asked.


Each monthly box includes: 2 tough toys, 2 full-size bag of treats and 2 meat chewys

#3 KONG 2 Pack Large Classic

Why do we like it? 

You can’t be wrong with a Kong. The unique molded shape and durable material made it a must for every dog owner.


  • Perfect for stuffing with KONG treats
  • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
  • Recommended Worldwide by veterinarians, trainers and dog enthusiasts
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in six sizes: XS, s, M, L, XL and XXL

About German Shepherd Puppies

The German Shepherd is known for being very quick-witted, loyal, and eager to please. Once trained, they’re perfect working companions for all types of different dog jobs like security, herding, and so much more. 

German Shepherd puppies are very active and will need a lot of exercise time to burn out all of their energy. For every month of your pup’s age, you should add 5 minutes to their exercise regime. 

German Shepherd Puppy Playing Habits

As mentioned, German Shepherd puppies have a lot of energy, especially during their puppy years. Because of this, most of their exercise routine should engage their natural chasing and herding instincts. You should also include things to channel their wolf-like instincts of tugging and chewing. 

Why Do German Shepherd Puppies Need Chew Toys?

Aside from being fun, chewing is beneficial for multiple reasons that help him grow into a happy, healthy adult dog. Let’s talk about why your German Shepherd puppy needs a chew toy.

Mental Health

Chewing is a healthy coping mechanism that allows German Shepherd puppies to self-soothe. This is especially helpful for puppies with separation anxiety or noise sensitivity. 

Physical Health & Exercise

Playing with a chew toy directs all of a German Shepherd puppy’s energy in a healthy, safe, and non-destructive way.

Dental Health

Chewing is extremely important for puppies in particular. Biting down allows teething puppies to stimulate blood flow in their gums and ease the pain. 

Preventing Destructive Behaviour

Anxiety-prone typically can’t be left alone for long before destroying your belongings. A good selection of chew toys prevents this sort of destructive behavior by redirecting their chewing instinct. 

Helping Their Ears Stand Up 

Another important German Shepherd-specific benefit of chew toys is that chewing builds the muscle at the base of the ear, allowing the rest of the ear to stand. 

What To Look For In The Best Chew Toys For A German Shepherd Puppies?

To truly know how to give your German Shepherd puppy the best of the best, you need to know what makes the best chew toys. Here’s what you should look out for.


The most important thing you need to look for in a chew toy is durability. Since German Shepherd puppies are power chewers, look for a strong, long-lasting chew toy.  


Consider your puppy’s mouth size and growth rate. Then, look at the toy’s specs to make sure a toy isn’t big enough to be useless, but not small enough to be a choking hazard. 


Chew toys are made to be bitten and chomped on, so look for toys that are made of strong, non-toxic materials that are safe and strong.

What To Avoid When Buying A Chew Toy For Your German Shepherd Puppies?

Now that you know what to look for, you’ll also need to know what to stay away from. Here’s what to avoid when chew-toy shopping for your German Shepherd puppy.

Easily Broken Accessories

Toys with pieces that stick out or can break off will become dangerous for your puppy if they’re swallowed.

Hard Plastic Material

Chew toys that are made from hard plastic are more than just choking hazards. They could also cause broken teeth, bleeding gums, and internal damage if eaten. 

Stuffed Squeaky Toys

The chewing and tugging instincts of a German Shepherd make squeaky toys a bad idea. The stuffing and squeaker can cause a wide range of hazards and are better avoided. 

Our Top 15 Picks For The Best Chew Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

Now that we’ve narrowed down all the things to look for and stay away from, it’s time to see some chew toys. These are our top 15 picks for the best chew toys for German Shepherd puppies.

#4 Oneisall Bone Chew Toy

Why do we like it? 

This flavored dog bone is equally delicious and durable for intense chewers like German Shepherd puppies. It also promotes healthy teeth and gums and is 100% safe. 


  • Long-lasting bacon flavor 
  • Made from food-grade nylon
  • Comes in 3 different sizes 

#5 Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy

Why do we like it? 

This high-quality chew toy is made from indestructible materials and is more than just a chew toy, but is a fetch and squeaky toy as well.


  • Made from durable K-100 natural rubber
  • Includes a  squeaker your pup can’t destroy
  • Textured exterior for better dental health and entertainment.

#6 Snug Rubber Dog Balls for Small and Medium Dogs – Tennis Ball Size – Virtually Indestructible (3 Pack – Red)

Why do we like it? 

Snug’s rubber dog balls are inexpensive, near-indestructible, and multitalented. Your puppy can spend hours either chewing or playing fetch. Plus, they’re compatible with all standard ball launchers. 


  •  Multiple color options
  •  Made with strong natural rubber material
  •  Easy to clean
  • Floats in the water

#7 Benebone Bacon Stick Tough Dog Chew Toy

Benebone Bacon Stick Tough Dog Chew Toy, Medium

Why do we like it? 

This toy is made of nylon and has real flavor from bacon throughout—think of it as the amped-up version of a regular stick with no splintering or dirty mess. Made in the USA and comes in three sizes.


  • Dog-friendly ergonomic design
  • Crafted with 100% real flavor from real, USA-sourced bacon
  • Made in the USA!
  • Benebone is a brand you can feel good about since they are dedicated to the welfare of dogs through community involvement and product donations.

#8 Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium

Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Tough Puppy Chew Toy

Why do we like it? 

This tough and delicious chew toy gives your pup hours of fun and stimulation while keeping his teeth and gums healthy.


  •  Multiple flavor options
  •  5 different sizes  
  • Made with all-natural flavors

#9 Pet Qwerks BarkBone Stick for Aggressive Chewers, Peanut Butter Brown, Medium

Why do we like it? 

The BarkBone is loved by many pet parents for its long life and multiple versions and flavors to choose from. 


  • Multiple styles, flavors, and sizes 
  •  Soft for chewing, but tough enough to stand up to power chewers
  •  Promotes easier teething and other dental benefits. 

#10 Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring Toy Ring Flavor Medley, X-Large

Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring Toy Ring Flavor Medley, X-Large

Why do we like it? 

Designed for powerful chewers. Multi-textured for increased chewing appeal. Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque & tartar build-up. This chicken-flavored DuraChew is also made in the USA!


  •  Vet-recommended
  •  Long-lasting flavors
  •  Raised edges and multiple textures
  • Made in the USA!

#11 Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy

Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy, Color Varies, Medium

Why do we like it? 

This tug rope allows your puppy to chew and play all day long, engaging their instincts and promoting healthy teeth and gums. 


  •  5 size options
  • Numerous colour choices 
  • 100% non-toxic and safe for puppies

#12 JW Pet Megalast Ball

JW Pet Megalast Ball Dog Toy, Color Varies, Medium

Why do we like it? 

The Megalast ball is indestructible for intense players. Plus, it’s infused with a delicious vanilla scent that you and your dog can enjoy. 


  • Made with JW’s Megalomaster polymer
  • Available in 3 sizes 
  • Can be used as a treat-dispenser

#13 Nylabone Power Chew Galileo Bone Big Dog Chew Toy Original Medium/Wolf

Why do we like it? 

The Galileo is another chew toy from Nylabone’s ‘Power Chew’ line. It’s durable and perfect for pups of any size.


  •  2 sizes available 
  •  Made from extremely strong nylon
  •  Flavored for extra enticement and entertainment

#14 Frisco Bacon Flavored Chew Toy

Frisco Bacon Flavor Tough Nylon Dog Chew Toy, Small

Why do we like it? 

Frisco’s bacon-flavored chew toy is a favorite for puppies like German Shepherds.They’re a tasty way to promote teething and self-soothe. 


  • The flavor is long-lasting, even after cleaning 
  • Made from high-quality and non-toxic nylon 
  • Small and medium sizes available

#15 JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Extreme Dog Toy

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Extreme Dog Toy

Why do we like it? 

This innovatively designed chew toy does much more than offer something good to chew. Since it is a ball, it can be used for play. Plus, it can be used as a treat-dispenser.


  •  Can be tugged, stretched, and chewed; and it will not break.
  •  Made with the safest and highest quality ingredients
  •  Dishwasher safe for easier cleaning

Best DIY Chew Toys You Can Make For Your German Shepherd Puppies 

If you’re in a pinch, you can make a great chew toy for your puppy right at home. Here are the best DIY chew toys for German Shepherd puppies.

#1 Knotted Dishtowel 

This DIY chew toy only requires a few moments and an old dishtowel. All you have to do is tie the dishtowel in some knots. And now, your pup can sink his teeth into it, while flossing with the towel fibers. 

#2 Ball In A Sock 

Next up, the “ball-in-a-sock” toy. All you need is a durable ball like a tennis ball or Snug rubber ball, and an old tube sock. Simply put the ball in the sock. This makes a great chew toy and even encourages independent play. 

#3 Basketball

Basketballs are made with near-impenetrable rubber. Your pup can chase and chew on it for hours. And even if it pops, a basketball can still be used as a chew toy. You can also use a football as a chew toy. 

#4 Old T-Shirt Tug Rope

For the last DIY chew toy, all you need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Simply cut strips from the t-shirt and braid them together to resemble a tug-rope. Tie off the ends, leaving some fringes on either side. 

German Shepherd Puppy Chew Toy FAQs

How nany chew toys does a German Shepherd puppy need?

There is really no limit to how many chew toys your German Shepherd puppy needs. The recommended range is 10-15. This range ensures your puppy has a good variety but isn’t overstimulated. 

Do I need to clean chew toys regularly?

Chew toys don’t need to be surgeon-level clean. However, it’s good to clean them at least every couple of weeks to reduce bacteria levels.

What will happen if I don’t give my german shepherd puppy chew toys?

German Shepherd puppies need to chew for numerous reasons. So, if you don’t give them something, they will likely turn to destructive chewing.